Welcome to research pages with materials related to medieval liturgical repertory and manuscripts from Bohemia.

This website provides free access to following databases and additional materials:

  • Manuscripti Liturgici Ecclesiae Pragensis: a catalogue of liturgical manuscripts that includes descriptions of ca 70 liturgical books from the eighth to the mid-sixteenth century, purchased and written for the St Vitus' Cathedral in Prague or respecting the Cathedral's liturgical practice.
  • ! NEW ! Index Sequentiarum Bohemiae Medii Aevi: a catalogue of sequences included in medieval liturgical manuscripts from Bohemia.  Up until 2018, c. 270 sequences were identified in medieval sources from Bohemia of primarily secular (non-monastic) origin. ! NEW !
  • Bibliography related to projects published on this website.  For international users, all Czech titles were translated into English.



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Jana VozkováŠtefánia DemskáRhianydd Hallas editors (Index Sequentiarum Bohemiae Medii Aevi)



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