Medieval liturgical repertory and manuscripts from Bohemia

Manuscripti Liturgici Ecclesiae Pragensis

A catalogue of liturgical manuscripts that includes descriptions of ca 70 liturgical books from the eighth to the mid-sixteenth century, purchased and written for the St Vitus' Cathedral in Prague or respecting the Cathedral's liturgical practice.

Last update: December 2020

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Index Sequentiarum Bohemiae Medii Aevi

A catalogue of sequences included in medieval liturgical manuscripts from Bohemia.  Up until 2021, 350 sequences were identified in medieval sources from Bohemia of secular and monastic origin. The project is supported by the program of the Czech Academy of Sciences "Strategy AV21 – Memory in the Digital Age: Digital Humanities."

Last sources added:

Missale notatum Olomucense (CZ-OLm R 59), 13th century (39 chants)

Last update: July 2022

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Jistebnice Kancionál Network

Data relevant to the the digital edition of Jistebnice kancionál (CZ-Pn II C 7) from 1420s. Entry into the database of concordances (liturgical sources with Latin and vernacular repertory) and their indices.

Last update: June 2022

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Bibliography related to projects published on this website.  For international users, all Czech titles were translated into English.

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